Choice seasonal food and delicious sakes, in a traditional Japanese atmosphere

A quality hotel pub where you can enjoy fine hospitality, this is Akizu. We serve mouth-watering dishes made with Hokkaido's finest seasonal ingredients. Choose from our vast selection of local sakes and shochu spirits.

While being casual in atmosphere, Akizu serves Sushi made by professional Sushi chefs. Fresh seasonal Hokkaido produce is used to make our many dishes including ramen, yakitori and sushi, all of the representative dishes of Japanese dining.

The appeal of Akizu is their energetic and lively service. The combination of polite Japanese hospitality and Hokkaido's spirit of friendliness make for a dinner experience filled with smiles.


There is a counter in Akizu for guests who wish to enjoy sushi. The chef will make the sushi from fresh Hokkaido seafood right in front of your eyes. Enjoy the flavor of Hokkaido with great sushi and delicious Japanese sake.

Private Rooms

We have a large private room that will accommodate 14 persons, and is perfect for family get togethers, business and friendly dinners. Please take advantage of our facilities for all of your celebrations.


Hours (Lunch) 11:30-15:00
(Close 14:30)
Hours (Dinner) 17:00-22:00
(Close 21:30)
Seats Hall 56 seats
Prices Lunch 1,300 and up
Dinner 4,500 and up
Credit Cards VISA / MASTER / UC / DC / AMEX / JCB / DINERS and other
TEL +81-11-271-3203
Private Rooms Available
Location B1
Admittance of small children Child's menu: Available
Stroller : Acceptable
High chair: Available