Beautiful scenery and beautiful Japanese cuisine that reflets the four seasons.

Miyama, located on the 22F, serves delicious course meals made with blessings from the land and sea that are carefully selected by the chef. High quality ingredients from all over the country are incorporated into the delicate dishes. Private rooms promise a calm and intimate dinner experience.

Miyama is located on the 22F of the hotel, with a commanding view of Sapporo in its varying seasons. Enjoy the taste of Hokkaido while you view the beautiful city of Sapporo and its nature bathed in the evening sunlight as the sun sets behind the hills. Here at Miyama, you can monopolize the view of the city which changes from morning to night.

The appeal of Japanese Cuisine, recognized as an intangible cultural asset,lies in its ability to provide nutritional balance to a healthy diet not to mention its creative beauty and presentation. Here at Miyama we serve Japanese cuisine that made from ingredients carefully selected by our chef, and presented in a manner pleasing both in sight and in taste.

Private Rooms

We have a large private room that will accommodate 12 persons, and is perfect for family get togethers, business and friendly dinners. Please take advantage of our facilities for all of your celebrations.


Hours (Breakfast) 7:30-9:30
Hours (Lunch) 11:30-15:00
Hours (Dinner) 17:00-21:30
Seats Hall 28 seats
Private room (Japanese style seats) 4 rooms
Private room (table seats) 5 rooms
Prices Breakfast 2,700 and up
Lunch 5,500 and up
Dinner 6,500 and up
Credit Cards VISA / MASTER / UC / DC / AMEX / JCB / DINERS and other
TEL +81-11-271-3203
Private Rooms Available
Location 22F
Admittance of small children Child's menu: Available
Stroller : Okay
High chair: Available
Remarks Reservation Only