Parking lot

The parking lot is a five story building parkade that will house 300 vehicles up to 2.1 meters high, is automated and is accessible 24 hours a day.Up until noon of the day you check out, parking is available for ¥1,500(tax included) per vehicle per day. Please acquire a parking ticket when you check in. For vehicles taller than 2.1 meters, we have other parking available, so please make a reservation ahead of time. We also provide special parking for the physically impaired, so if you need such parking please make a reservation ahead of time. Space is limited for both, and we may not be able to accommodate your needs in some cases.

How to connect to the Internet

For those who wish to enjoy a comfortable hotel stay, but are concerned about work too, we have ways to support your every need.

  • High speed Internet connection is available in all rooms for free.
  • All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi or LAN.
  • Rental laptops are available for ¥1,000 per night.

【Guest Rooms】

All rooms have Internet access for free.
Please connect the LAN cable in your room to the computer.
A password is required so please see the TV page in your room.

【Public Areas】

Free Wi-Fi is available at the following areas inside the hotel;

  • the lobby and other public spaces
  • restaurants
  • banquet halls

* Please ask the staff for the password necessary for connection.

Laundry service

Our night laundry service will have your laundry ready the next morning, so lodging is not stressful even when your business trip was sudden. If you give us your laundry by 10:00 PM the night before, we will have it ready for you by 7:00 AM the next morning. 
The night service fee is worth the little extra you pay, simply for guests who want to cut down on the amount of baggage they travel with, or for guests who soiled their clothes during a meal.
Please note that depending on the day, item or how soiled your clothing is, that we may not be able to accept your requests.


Massages in your own guest room are available to help relieve tension, take away the stress of business and relax you.

Reception 1:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Nightwear for children

Children's pajamas(70 cm or 90 cm) and slippers (red or blue)are available but not ready in your room, and are limited so please let us know ahead of time if you would like to use them.

Bed guard

The bed guard is 44cm (approx. 30 cm from the top of the bed). For infants to five year old children.

There is a limit to availability, so please ask in advance if you need one.


The measurements are 110 cm long and 60 cm wide, and fit for children under 12 months. Please let your request be known at the time of reservation, and we will have it ready for you free of charge. * The crib cannot be set up in some rooms do to layout. Please confirm when you make a reservation.



There is an exchange machine is now available at Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo.

  • 【Location】1F
  • 【Displayed in】Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean
  • 【Currencies】US Dollar(USD), Euro, Chinese Yuan(CNY), British Pound(GBP), Australian Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Thai Baht(THB), Canadian Dollar, Swiss Francs, Won, Singapore Dollar
  • 【Operating Time】24/7
  • 【Maximum Amount Limit】100,000 JPY per/use
  • 【Exchange Coverage】Only paper money can be exchanged to Japanese Yen (JPY)

*This machine is only available to exchange from above foreign currencies to Japanese Yen, but not vice versa.


We have a great menu that can be enjoyed in your guest room. Enjoy our boastful cuisine in the privacy of your own room. We have everything from breakfast to dinner to midnight snacks available for your every need.



A la carte
Light meals
  • ミートソーススパゲッティ
  • 自家製パンチェッタのスパゲッティ アマトリチャーナ
  • 総料理長のチキンカレー
  • 赤ワインでじっくり煮込んだビーフカレー
  • シーフードドリア
  • ミックスサンドウィッチ
  • アメリカンクラブハウス サンドウィッチ
  • ビーフステーキセット
  • シーフードドリア
  • おにぎりセット
  • 北海にぎり寿司
  • おにぎりセット
  • シーフードドリア
  • おにぎりセット
  • 三色ちらし
  • ウニ・イクラ丼
  • ウニ丼
  • 刺身盛合せ
  • 真イカ一夜干し
  • ホテル自家製 仔牛のジャンボソーセージ
  • 厚真ジンギスカン
  • 生ハムサラダ添え
  • ミックスピザ