LOCATION Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo is close to Odori and is convenient for shopping and sightseeing.

KEIO PLAZA HOTEL SAPPORO 2-1 North5 West7, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan


【Sapporo Interchange】
Approx. 30 by car from the Sapporo IC via the Sasson Expressway


<Departure: New-Chitose Airport → Arrival: Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo> Departing New Chitose Airport and arriving at JR Sapporo Station Via the Rapid Airport Express, approximately 42 minutes. From Sapporo Station, 5 minutes on foot.


Departure: Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo   Arrival: New-Chitose Airport
6:55 08:25 Arrival
7:55 09:25 Arrival
8:55 10:25 Arrival
9:40 11:10 Arrival
10:25 11:55 Arrival
11:10 12:40 Arrival
Departure: New-Chitose Airport   Arrival: Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo
12:25 13:55 Arrival
13:25 14:55 Arrival
14:25 15:55 Arrival
15:25 16:55 Arrival
16:10 17:40 Arrival
17:10 18:40 Arrival
18:10 19:40 Arrival
19:10 20:40 Arrival
North Entrance to Hotel
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo → Royton Sapporo → Sapporo Prince Hotel → Nakajima Park → Asahimachi 1 → Toyohira 3-10 → New-Chitose Airport
【Transit Time】
approx. 80 minutes. *Please note: Scheduled departure and arrival times may change due to weather and road conditions
Adults: ¥1,030, Children: ¥520 *Tickets may be purchased at the front desk.
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Daimaru(4 minute walk)

carries Cartier, Coach, Burberry Blue Label and other famous foreign brand names in fashion. There are over 500 tenants, and a large grocery department floor with Hokkaido sweets, souvenirs and delicious Hokkaido produce.

JR Tower(5 minute walk)

Large multipurpose commercial facility adjacent to Sapporo Station. Over 600 tenants cater to the needs of all ages and generations. There are famous cosmetics stores such as L'occitane and Fancl, drug stores and UNIQLO and other clothing and accessory stores.

Yodobashi Camera(3 minute walk)
Bic Camera(6 minute walk)

Both appliance and electronics stores sell the finest in Japanese appliances and electronics at low prices. The vast floors showcase watches, cameras, games and even the popular rice cookers. The lineup of appliances can be compared to a smaller version of Akihabara. Many foreigners come to shop here, where they can purchase items duty free. There are plenty of staff who can assist in foreign languages so visitors can fully enjoy shopping.

DAISO(3 minute walk)

¥100 store where most items are only ¥100! Find everything from sundries to stationery, to souvenirs and much more! There are lots of typical ¥100 ideal items as well as neat items introduced on television. Not only is it fun to look around, but shopping is easy because of the very low prices.

Pocket Monster(6 minute walk)

Specialty shop selling nothing but Pockemon goods, many that can only be found right here. Campaigns and events are held often for the enjoyment of children and adults. This is the official Pokemon shop.

Drug Store(4 minute walk)

Just 4 minutes from the hotel is Sapporo Station where there are many drug stores selling duty free products. Find all of the famous high quality Japanese cosmetics at reasonable prices right here.

Convenience Stores(right across the street)

Right across the street is Seven Eleven, a 24/7 convenience store which sells most all sundries, so not to worry even if you forget to bring something!

Don Quixote(20 minute walk)

Sells electronics, sundries, Japanese pop items and much more! The store overflows with all kinds of funky merchandise, which is why it is so popular among the young people of Japan. There is a chance you can find all kinds of items that are yet to become the newest trend. It boasts the amount of merchandise carried, and the lowest prices around town.

Shopping Arcade

Inside the hotel there is a shopping arcade which sells souvenirs of Hokkaido and Japanese items, high quality leather products and other items that are exciting just to look at.
There is also a rental car office where you can rent a car to tour Hokkaido with convenience.